As one of the more ethereal and meditative part of the film, this scene called for a very layered soundscape. In this section, I created a very otherworldly feel by using real-world sound effects and background. I've made the sounds subtly reverberant and blended it with the music. I chose the sounds very carefully so that they all stay true to the tone I was trying to convey. The disembodied voices needed to be as clean as possible so that they feel more like a narration rather than a recorded interview.
In this film's climax, we get as personal as we can get with the subjects. This scene needed to be as raw and natural as possible to stay true to the subject's emotions. I spent a substantial amount of time editing dialogue in this part of the film, the dialogues had to sound clear but I wanted to leave all the imperfections (all the clicks, breaths, etc.) in as much as I can so that the scene feels as realistic as possible. Less is more is a very valid statement when it came to this part of the film, this scene had to carry itself with only dialogue and room tone. Having said that, those layers needed to be as refined as possible.

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