This scene of the film contains a number of layers that shows the character's past, emotions, dynamics, and foreshadowing for the scenes to come. This specific scene is very integral to the film and therefore it needed a very rich sound design. In this scene, I attempted to create strong and balanced layers of dialogue, sfx, background, and music, while blending them all together to create a dream feel to the scene. The sound effects, background, and music are meant to co-exist in a sense of fluidity that seems more like a memory than reality.
This is the first time in the film that we see the main character interact with another character. This scene is very crucial in portraying the state of mind of the character. I created an atmosphere in this scene that is meant to mirror the character's emotion. It is a quite somber and silent atmosphere, but in order to achieve the kind of silence I wanted, I had to add some distant sound effects here and there and some background noises in order for the silence to work with the dialogue and characters.

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